Clean Room Partitions



We offer in the market advanced Galvanized Iron Clean Room. 4C partitioning walls of Galvanized Iron Clean Room are manufactured by use of nominal GPSP Sheets. The make-up panels are fabricated as per the sizing layout of the drawing. Ceiling systems and partition walls are make in compliance with exact technical specifications required for controlled environment rooms.

Bonded With

  • PUF
  • Honeycomb paper core
  • High density mineral wool/Rock wool



  • Thickness : 60/80/100 mm
  • Width : 160mm to 1200mm
  • Height : 2440 mm to 5000mm


Office Partitions – Product available for this application are :

  • Solid partitions
  • Semi glazed partitions
  • Fully glazed partitions
  • Double glazed partitions with venetian blinds


Contemporary finish, modular design, ease of installation and demountablility are some of the features of 4C Protection office partition offerings.


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